Supercharging the future leaders of fintech

We invest early in extraordinary founders solving global problems.

After investing, we roll up our sleeves to help our companies scale up – from scouring our network to secure a vital hire or the right lead investor for the next stage, to just being a trusted sounding board.

Being long-term investors, the majority of our funds are reserved for follow-on.


Andi Kazeroonian

D'Arcy Whelan

Devin Kohli

Dom Nolan

Kevin Chong

Sanchit Dhote


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IslamicFinanceGuru raises £3.0m led by Outward VC

  1.Tell us about the team behind IFG and where it all began? Since we met at university back in 2010, we knew we wanted…

In conversation with Hussein Kanji, the founding partner at Hoxton Ventures

Hussein is one of the founding partners at Hoxton Ventures, a three person team who have backed four unicorns and created $45bn of value. Outward caught up with Hussein to understand how we does it and what he’s learnt about building world-class companies.

Angel Investing with Amir Nooriala

Outward VC caught up with Amir Nooriala to talk about his approach to angel investing. Amir has had an extensive career in tech serving as the CSO of Oak North Bank before moving to Callsign as the CCO. He is very involved in London’s startup ecosystem and besides taking bets on early stage companies including the likes of Fertility Circle, Algbra and Howabout, Amir is also a member of the Fintech judging panel for Tech Nation as well as the NED for Outward’s portfolio company eXate.   

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