Supercharging the future leaders of fintech

We invest early in extraordinary founders solving global problems.

After investing, we roll up our sleeves to help our companies scale up – from scouring our network to secure a vital hire or the right lead investor for the next stage, to just being a trusted sounding board.

Being long-term investors, the majority of our funds are reserved for follow-on.

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Andi Kazeroonian

Devin Kohli

Dom Nolan

Kevin Chong

Sanchit Dhote


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Avg follow-on ticket


Covid-19: A time to act, be agile and create opportunity

Outward’s co-heads, Kevin Chong and Devin Kohli share their approach to supporting the portfolio, thinking through new investment opportunities and disclose important truths that every founder should hear at this time.

In conversation with Marcel Van Oost on all things Fintech

Marcel Van Oost, known by many as the man with his finger on the pulse of Fintech, shares his view on how to win the challenger bank race, areas of Fintech yet to be cracked, ones to watch and more.

In conversation with Reshma Sohoni, founding partner at Seedcamp

Seedcamp is well known in the market as the early backers of TransferWise, Revolut and UiPath. Reshma shares her experience working with exceptional founders, reveals key considerations for aspiring entrepreneurs and provides a snapshot of her approach to investing.

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