Key questions when evaluating new opportunities

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    D'Arcy Whelan

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    November 22, 2019

As a Fintech focused VC based in London we see a very large number of new opportunities, thanks to founders who reach out, referrals from our network and our active roles in the start-up community. We aim to give founders quick feedback on whether we intend on taking opportunities forward. Initial conversations with the founding team is a fundamental step in the filtering process. As a team, we identified the questions that not only uncover important business truths but also help us identify if we are the right fit as an investor.


Dom: What are your biggest challenges?

Whilst this may seem an obvious question, we are really testing the ability to be self-critical and transparent.


Devin: What is the difference between your obtainable and addressable market?

The thinking behind the separation of these two markets is telling of both the team’s ambition and realism.


Kevin: Which aspect of your business are you most confident about?

Here we are looking to see if founder(s) have the conviction to undergo what is likely to be a 7-10 year journey.


D’Arcy: Walk us through the customer journey?

Particularly for B2Bs understanding the customer’s perspective step by step is a great way to break down complex, technical businesses.


Andi: How and why are you going to attract the best talent?

Recruiting, particularly in Fintech, is the single biggest challenge of any portfolio company post-fundraise. A compelling answer is a pretty good differentiator.


Sanchit: Why do you want us on your cap table?

Venture Capital is commoditized, adding value beyond a capital injection is fundamental to our strategy.